Get Out More’s wellbeing programmes support adults to get outdoors together and enjoy positive experiences surrounded by nature.


Our wellbeing sessions improve confidence and resilience, helping people to feel more positive and productive and boost physical and mental health.


Drawing on our years of experience from running outdoor programmes, we hold wellbeing events for people in the community and for businesses who want to support employees’ health and wellbeing.  Relaxing, invigorating or adventurous, Get Out More’s wellbeing sessions are designed around you to engage, improve self-awareness and give you skills to enjoy exploring your local green spaces.

Our wellbeing programmes

  • Community Wellbeing

    Encouraging individuals and groups to connect with nature.

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  • Workplace Wellbeing

    Step outside of the workplace and develop a fresh perspective.

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Get Involved

Spending time in nature is proven to reduce stress and boost wellbeing. The great outdoors is the perfect place to connect, explore and try new activities.

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Get Inspired

Get immersed in nature with wild art or foraging for wild foods. Relax with yoga or Tai Chi in the great outdoors or get more adventurous with bushcraft or even axe throwing!

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Get Out More

Our skilled and experienced team will guide you through the day. You’ll leave with a host of new skills and will feel inspired and confident to enjoy the outdoors more.

Our wellbeing programmes include a mix of creative and adventurous activities to help you feel at one with the world

About our wellbeing programmes

We run an established, weekly wellbeing group in Keighley and have partnership programmes with local community organisations Touchstone, Stronger Families and Better Start Bradford.


Our Away Days and Employee Wellbeing programmes have been enjoyed by several local businesses including the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network, Arup and Yorkshire Water.


Book one of our upcoming events or contact us to enquire about running a wellbeing workshop for your organisation.

Hands on learning

The great outdoors is the perfect place to build positive relationships, bring people together and create great memories. Our skilled and experienced team will help you find the right activities and explore nature with wild art or foraging for wild foods to cook and eat. We can relax with yoga or Tai Chi in the great outdoors or get more adventurous with tag archery, axe throwing or an active treasure hunt.

Whether you book on a community wellbeing event or are a business with us for a wellbeing workshop, all activities are carried out in a safe and fun environment.

Wellbeing FAQs

Spending time in the outdoor world can improve wellbeing. Learning new skills, spending time in company or just relaxing in nature will all positively contribute towards your mental health and overall wellbeing.
Exposure to nature has been proven to lower blood pressure and stress levels. In turn it can help to build resilience, avoid burnout and enable an individual to thrive.
Being able to connect with nature is one way to look after our mental wellbeing. Time in nature can reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. This is backed up by research from the Mental Health Foundation. Studies revealed that 73% of adults found connecting with nature had a positive impact on their mental health and they felt more positive emotions such as calmness, creativity and joy after spending thirty minutes outdoors.
Five ways you can improve your wellbeing are to connect, get active, take notice, learn and give. During our wellbeing programmes, these principles are put into practice by connecting with those around you, getting out into nature, taking notice of our surroundings, learning about the natural environment and working as a team.