Stay in More!

9th April 2020

Indoor entertainment for outdoor people:  nature-themed podcasts, TV, books and more to get us through the lockdown, as recommended by Get Out More staff.

We’d all love be outdoors this spring, but right now we need to stay home and stay safe, so let’s settle in for a good listen, watch or read, and take inspiration from nature until we can Get Out More together again!

Susan recommends: The Natural History Museumn Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is full of beautiful inspiring pictures, of things you may never see in real life, and really can help you to appreciate wildlife.  The website contains an amazing back catalogue of all the winning shots over the last ten years.

Clare recommends: Desert Islands Discs; Grab a brew and listen to guests share the soundtracks of their lives.  They can each choose eight tracks, a book and a luxury to take with them when they are castaway.  The entire catalogue is available online, so for a nature fix you can join David Attenborough on his forest adventures, Alfred Wainwright as he remembers the Lakeland Fells or hear how conservationist Isabella Tree has re-wilded her back-garden estate.  Listen on BBC Sounds

Sam recommends: Princess Mononoke; A Studio Ghibli classic animation, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.  An epic story between the struggle of supernatural guardians of a forest and the humans who consume its resources.  Perfect PG-13 viewing to while away a family afternoon on the sofa. Netflix is currently streaming the studio Ghibli back catalogue, so you’ll find plenty of celluloid delights to lift your spirits.

Annie recommends:   The Detectorists; a warm comedy about a pair of metal detecting friends and their search for treasure.  Although not strictly nature themed, the Suffolk countryside plays a starring role and makes me long to be out walking again, but as the lyrics to the haunting theme tune say, ‘I’m waiting for you…’  All three series are available on BBC iplayer, and if you’ve not seen it yet, I envy you – you are in for a real treat.

Hazel recommends:  How Do I Love Thee (Sonnet 43) by Elizabeth Barret Browning.  When I read this, it truly defines love. This is so beautifully written and gives a depth of what love feels like on many levels. I think we can all relate to this poem for many personal reasons.

Julia recommends:  Banff mountain film festival films. I usually go to watch them at a local theatre or venue but, as they’ve had to cancel quite a few of the screenings, they have made them available for free. I like them because they’re short films of amazing adventures from climbing, skiing, surfing to running usually in stunning parts of the world.

We’ll post some more next week.  From poem to podcast, book or blog, if you can recommend any nature-inspired content to us, please get in touch through social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) or contact us