Stay in More!

17th April 2020

Indoor entertainment for outdoor people:  nature-themed podcasts, TV, books and more to get us through the lockdown, as recommended by Get Out More staff.

We’d all love be outdoors this spring, but right now we need to stay home and stay safe, so let’s settle in for a good listen, watch or read, and take inspiration from nature until we can Get Out More together again!

Annie recommends: Living Adventurously podcast.  Last summer adventurer Alastair Humphreys cycled around Yorkshire interviewing people about what living adventurously means to them.  Amongst the interviewees there is a fell runner, professional sandcastle builder, a blind adventurer, a guy who delivers a piano on a raft – and me!  As a fan of his Microadventures book, I was delighted to be asked to talk about Get Out More and how we create opportunities for adventure even in urban Bradford.

Hazel recommends:  An Introduction to Shinrin Yoku  I love that the Japanese understand the importance of Nature and how it positively impacts on our well being. I know when I’m immersed in the outdoors, meadows,running streams.rivers ,trees I feel free. I feel relaxed and know I’ve found my self solace .

Lauren recommends: Wainwrights walks Spending time in the Lake District is one of me, and my family’s, favourite things to do. We’re keen walkers and have passed the bug onto both of our children who now join us on our adventures up the beautiful fells and mountains. Wainwright wrote and hand illustrated seven inspiring books covering all 214 of the lake districts fells and they are well worth a look. If you don’t have access to the books, this website offers information on all the routes, together with many photos – perfect for an evening of escapism, expedition planning with a beer in hand while we are all staying at home!

Julia recommends: Blue Planet; my favourite episode is the coral reef.  I love the bright colours of the  tropical fish and feel like I could imagine myself diving amongst the fish.  Its such a fascinating and fragile ecosystem and one that is very endangered by global warming

Susan recommends: Julia Bradbury’s Britain’s Best Walks series. It gives me chances to virtually visit lots of places I’ve never been and brings back fond memories of where I have. I’ll be re-watching these and planning for the future when driving for a good walk is ok again, possibly even with a pub stop!

Clare recommends: Poet Mary Oliver; from the poem Sometimes, ‘Instructions for living a life.  Pay attention.  Be astonished.’ That sounds about right.  Mary Oliver was an American poet who wrote about her observations of the natural world.  She mostly wrote as she walked, watching the birds go by.  I like her simple way of describing big things.  ‘Sometimes’, ‘The Summer Day’, ‘Invitation’ and ‘Wild Geese’ are some of my favourites.

Sam recommends:  Rewilding Britain website. An inspirational charity that deserves more attention. In their words; ‘We want rewilding to flourish across Britain – to tackle the climate emergency and extinction crisis, reconnect people with the natural world, and help individuals and communities thrive with new opportunities’.


We’ll post some more next week.  From poem to podcast, book or blog, if you can recommend any nature-inspired content to us, please get in touch through social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) or contact us