Get Out More’s WILD Passport programmes enable educational settings to evidence pupil progression in outdoor learning.


The WILD Passport is an innovative outdoor learning curriculum; a fully realised progressive skills programme designed for primary school-age pupils in Years 1-6.


Our WILD Passport practitioner will support pupils to enjoy spending time outdoors mastering techniques to use tools safely, put up effective shelters, light and maintain a campfire, cook wild food and identify wildlife.

What you’ll do

  • Woodcraft

  • Making shelter

  • Making fire

  • Learning in nature

  • Ropework

  • Teamwork

About WILD Passport

From Beginners to Experts, the skill progression pathway supports learners to progress in Woodcraft, Shelter, Fire, Nature and Rope, and helps teachers to monitor skills development and show evidence of pupil attainment.

Hands-on learning

Mastering high status outdoor skills, children will recognise their own progression and benefit from increased confidence and self-esteem. Get Out More’s trained and qualified Wild Passport practitioner can run a programme which fits into your existing outdoor learning or Forest School provision. Alternatively, our practitioner can create a bespoke programme to meet your needs.

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