Forest Schools

A Forest School is a programme of outdoor play and learning which takes place in a woodland environment. The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences. Get Out More Forest schools includes elements of problem solving, managed risk taking, creativity and co-operation through diverse activities such as woodland games, art, den building and campfires.


The natural world inspires creativity and provides the materials for an exciting wealth of original artwork. Get Out More’s Naturally Creative sessions are multisensory activities suitable for all ages and abilities. Tapping into imagination and making use of seasonally available materials, participants can create 2D and 3D artworks such as giant collages, natural painting, boat building and mobiles.


Taking classwork outside the confines of the classroom brings learning to life. Hands on activities that are engaging and fun give children freedom to use all their senses and inspire creative approaches to teaching and learning. Get Out More outdoor learning ideas make the most of the resources in the playground, playing field or nearby natural area. These sessions can provide ideas for writing, new approaches to numeracy or exciting links to topic work.


Get Out More’s outdoor play programmes enable children to express their natural desire to explore and seek adventure through freely chosen activities such as den building, fantasy and creative play.


Get Out More’s community programmes bring people together in outdoor settings to engage with the the local environment. Our fun and accessible programmes can help people learn new skills and meet their neighbours, raise awareness of local green spaces, create environmental improvements, consult local people and address health and social issues.

Workplace Wellbeing

Evidence shows that staff wellbeing, productivity and resilience all improve with regular outdoor activities. We’ll help your staff make it a habit to step outside of workplace pressures and develop a different perspective. Our activities use New Economic Foundation’s ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, a set of evidence-based actions which improve mental capital and wellbeing. Click here to download our […]