Get Out More’s outdoor play programmes enable children to express their natural desire to explore and seek adventure through freely chosen activities such as den building, fantasy and creative play.

The outdoor environment lends itself  to free-spirited play.  Get Out More’s exciting and engaging play opportunities encourage participants to challenge themselves and enjoy the freedom of the natural world in the context of responsibly managed risk.  In common with the forest school ethos, we believe in letting children lead the way.  Get Out More practitioners know not to take over, but to facilitate play sessions which enable children to have positive and free outdoor play experiences.

We have worked with out of school clubs, extended services providers, play schemes and visitor attractions to provide outdoor play. Get Out More runs its own playful holiday forest schools at St Ives, nr Bingley, Saltaire and Ilkley, which are advertised on the Events page.

To discuss a play project or idea,  contact us today.